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Adoptive Family Reviews

We cannot think of a...

We cannot think of adequate words to thank Diana and Ray, the biological parents of our sweet boy. They made the loving decision to place him for adoption with us. After wanting a baby for so long, we keep pinching ourselves to make sure we really and truly are finally parents - and of THIS BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY! To any birthmom out there who might be reading this and thinking of placing her unborn child for adoption- please just know the joy you bring to a childless couple, and rest assured that if you choose adoption, your child will always know you loved him so much that you gave him the future you wanted him to have. With all of our love gratitude,


– Andra & Brian


We are very happy to...

We are very happy to be on the path to adopting a child! We have longed to have a loving family filled with little feet. We cannot have biological children but have always been open to adoption. Our families are excited to welcome an adopted child into their lives too! We cannot begin to imagine the difficulties you are facing in this time in your life. We admire your courage and selflessness in choosing adoption for your child. Our hope and dream is to raise a child with unconditional love and be amazed as he or she grows to be a unique and wonderful person. Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents.


– Julie and Rob


It is with open hear...

It is with open hearts and open arms that we await the newest addition to our family. We have been trying to have a baby for over 6 years with no success, we struggle with infertility. We know being a parent will be about sacrifice and making sure our children will have the best life possible with love, support and life opportunities. Kellie's dream has always been to be a mommy and Mark can't wait to be a father. We have a loving and supportive family that cannot wait to see our dreams of becoming parents come true. We are both praying for all the birth parents that are making this difficult decision, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your families. Whatever circumstances have brought you on this journey, we can only wish you the best of luck in making your decision. We are going to be forever grateful to become adoptive parents.


– Kellie & Mark


We appreciate the ch...

We appreciate the choice that our future birthmother is making that will allow us to fulfill our dreams of having children. We have tried to have children for many years with no success, but realize that there is another plan for our family. With hearts filled with love and an extended family that is looking forward to welcoming a new addition to our family, we have chosen to adopt. We want to provide a home that will be a stable, fun and relaxing living space for a child and we can't wait to start making family memories together. We have two dogs, Peagle & Lolli, that are also eager to meet their new best friend. With open hearts,


– Daniel & Dawn


Thank you to our won...

Thank you to our wonderful Birthmother, Lynsey, for the precious gift of our little boy. He is beautiful and perfect and we are already so in love with him! He will know from the beginning the loving and courageous decision his Birthmother made when she planned an adoption for him. Thank you also to Kerry and Kris, who did so much to make our family a reality.


– Connie & Patrick


Last year I adopted ...

Last year I adopted a baby boy with the help of Kerry Moore's office. It was an amazing experience! Attorney Moore cares very much for her birthmothers, the child, and the adoptive mother. She was so very nice and welcomed me with open arms. I hope to adopt another child soon, to add to my family. I am a single mother and live on a farm full of animals, with my parents' farm right down the road. I was given the blessing of being a mother by a very special birthmother. I can only imagine how hard it must be to make the decision to place a baby for adoption. I can honestly say this takes maturity and strength. It also takes a birthmother to really want the best for her child. I was given a wonderful gift by a very special birthmother. I will cherish this forever! Without that special birthmother, I would not have the opportunity to be a mother, something I always wanted to be since I was a little girl. When I look at my beautiful baby boy, I can only thank God for my birthmother. She gave me and her child opportunities that we both would not have without her ultimate decision. My birthmother can go on with her plans and live life to the fullest knowing that her baby boy has a mother that will forever be grateful for her decision while promising to love, protect, and provide for him. I will hold her very close in my heart and praise God for her decision to love unconditionally and also provide her child with the very best. My promise to my birthmother is to always love this child with every breath I take. I will forever hold my birthmother close to my heart and never forget her. I say a special prayer for her every day that God will reward, provide, and watch over her always so she will have the most perfect and precious life that she deserves as she gave me a wonderful blessing. I look at this amazing baby boy and think how very lucky he is to have two mothers who love him dearly. Thank you! I am looking forward to a brother or sister for my baby boy very soon. I know there is an amazing birthmother that will love us very much and want her child to be part of our family as she will be in our hearts always. I look forward to that special day very soon! With amazing admiration and love,


– Rhonda


We had a wonderful e...

We had a wonderful experience adopting our beautiful twin girls from Arizona Adoption Help! Kris was very helpful and supportive to both us and we got to meet our wonderful Birthmother, Janie. Our attorney's worked together to help everything go smoothly. We are happy to share our pictures of our journey. Our twins are now six months old and they are the lights of our lives! We are looking forward to working together again with Thomas, Kris and Vanessa when adopting a baby boy in the future.


– Sarah & Mike


We thank God everyda...

We thank God everyday for all parties involved in our adoption journey. It has been the most unforgettable experience... one that we will cherish for a lifetime. Our deepest thanks to our attorney and assistant, Attorney Moore and associates, and most importantly to our Birthmom Tina. You are our hero and we will forever keep you close in our hearts. Adoption creates a bond between many hearts... the opportunity has changed our lives forever!


– Ernie & Shadra


Are you considering ...

Are you considering placing you baby for adoption? We would like to tell you our story. We had been very happily married for over 14 years, but our happiness was not complete because we did not have children to love and cherish. We decided that adoption was the way a child was going to come into our family. We contacted Attorney Kerry Moore and she introduced us to a beautiful young girl who was five months pregnant and had decided that placing her baby for adoption was the best choice she could make, for herself and for her baby. During her pregnancy, we talked on the phone frequently... we even got to know her mother. We all came to know and love one another by the time the baby was born. Our son is now in our arms. We are joyfully sharing pictures and letters with his biological mother, who will be in our hearts forever.


– George & Sofia


As a single woman lo...

As a single woman looking to adopt a baby and become a mother for the first time, I was actively exploring both Domestic and International possibilities. I was discouraged repeatedly about trying to adopt a baby domestically. I was told my chances would be slim to none that a Birthmother would select me as compared to all the married couples adopting at the same time. So when I received the telephone call that a young Birthmother named Maria had chosen me to adopt her unborn child, I was ecstatic and numb all at the same time. As soon as I spoke to Maria, I knew that this child was meant to be with me. Today, I am the proud mother of a gorgeous baby girl who will soon be 5 weeks old. I just can't take my eyes off her even through all the late night feedings, diaper changes, and unexpected spit up events. The amazing thing is, she couldn't look more like me if I had given birth to her myself. It is so true that once you have a child nothing in your life is ever the same. I am so grateful to Maria that she chose to continue her unplanned pregnancy and enter into an adoption plan that made me a mother and gave her child a family and a future.


– Audrey


If you are reading t...

If you are reading this, you are probably considering placing your baby for adoption. As you consider all of your options, I want you to know my wonderful adoption story. We have been blessed through Attorney Kerry Moore's office to adopt two beautiful children. Our daughter is three years old now and her baby brother a newborn. They are, of course, the center of our universe. We were unable to have biological children of our own and knew that adoption was the way we were going to become a family. We knew that many girls face unplanned pregnancies and seek a stable, secure home for their child. We had a large comfortable home, in the country, with horses and dogs - a perfect home lacking only children. Our home is now full of laughter and joy and the sound of children. Their grandmother lives almost next door. They have everything a child needs - a warm home, family, and, most of all, our love. I will be forever grateful to Nichole and Lisa, the Birthmothers of our children, for their unselfish decisions to place.


– Kip


As they say, a pictu...

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Here we are, holding our beautiful baby girl for the first time! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Melissa, the wonderful, caring Birthmother of our daughter! Words cannot express as well as this picture does, the joy we feel at becoming parents finally! Adoption is a miracle! Love, Katie and Michael.


– Katie & Michael


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