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Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Is adoption the right choice for my child? The decision to place a child up for adoption is a personal decision and one only you, the parent, can make. You are the only one who knows what is important to you and your child in planning your future and the child's future. An adoption decision is courageous and unselfish and requires deep love for your child and respect for yourself.

Can I speak to a counselor?

Adoption counseling is available to you at no charge. Counseling will help you sort out your feelings about your adoption decision and is available to give you emotional support for whatever decision you make. Counseling can help you explain your adoption decision to your family and friends. Counseling is available to you during your pregnancy and for a reasonable period after the birth of your child.

Who will adopt my child?

You may review biographies put together by loving families wanting to adopt your child. Their biography will contain information about their home and family life as well as other information you may want to know. You can select the family that sounds best to you. You and the family can exchange first names, speak on the phone and write letters to one another during your pregnancy. You can meet the family if you choose.

How will I know that the adopting parents will love and cherish my child?

All prospective adoptive parents have been home studied and certified to adopt in the state in which they live. A home study requires intensive background checks, including finger printing, as well as home visits by a social worker. Personal references are carefully checked. Adopting families also receive adoption counseling. In some cases, these families have waited a long time to add a child to their home.

How do I explain this decision to my friends and family?

Choosing a future and creating a family for your child, when you personally are unable to, is the most unselfish, courageous decision you will probably ever be called upon to make. Your family and friends will understand this when you explain this to them.

What communication will I have with the adopting family during my pregnancy?

You will have a chance to speak with them on the phone as often as you would like during your pregnancy with the help of our staff. You can meet the family if you choose. If you would like them at the hospital when you deliver, they will try to arrive before you deliver. These are things you can consider while speaking to our counselor, Kris.

Will my child wonder why I placed him for adoption?

Your child will not wonder why you placed him for adoption as you may write a letter, if you wish, and continue to send correspondence periodically, which the adopting family will save and give to him when he is curious about his adoption. He will read your words explaining that you wanted a future for him that you were unable to provide, and that you created his adoptive family for him out of your profound love for him.

May I follow the progress of my child after his birth?

If you like, you may stay in contact with the family over the years with pictures and letters.

How much information does the adopting family receive about me?

You can share however much or little information about yourself as you feel comfortable sharing. The adoptive family will follow the pregnancy through your medical records. Your social history is also provided to the family. Your identity is protected through this process.

Is the father of my child involved in the adoption?

If he wants to be involved, he can. If he is not supportive, or chooses not to take part, or denies paternity, he will be legally notified of the adoption, and the adoption will move forward unless he files a Paternity Action. If he agrees with the decision and wants to be involved, he will sign adoption consents similar to yours.

What if I don't know who the father of my child is?

This is not uncommon and the adoption can proceed legally even if you do not know who he is or where he is.

What happens at the hospital?

You will decide what you want to happen at the hospital. You may choose to see your baby after he is born or you may choose not to see or have any contact with him. These are your choices. Counseling with Kris during your pregnancy can help you sort through your thoughts about how you want to handle this and what is right for you.

Once I sign the adoption papers, can I change my mind?

In Arizona, adoption consents cannot be signed until three days after the birth of your child. Up until that time, you may change your mind and parent the child. Once you sign the papers, the consent is irrevocable.

May I receive living expenses?

Your health and welfare during your pregnancy are of paramount importance to everyone concerned. Living expenses are approved by the court and depend upon your need. You will fill out a budget and it will be submitted to the court for approval. Most reasonable expenses are approved such as rent, utilities, transportation, food and other basic necessities. The court wants to make sure that you and your unborn baby remain healthy and safe.

How do I pay my medical expenses?

All medical bills not otherwise paid by insurance or AHCCCS are paid by the adoptive family.

What if I can't afford an attorney or other costs of the adoption?

ALL expenses of your adoption are FREE to you, the Birthmother. Your attorney fees, travel expenses, medical expenses, counseling expenses, living expenses and other direct expenses relating to the pregnancy and adoption are paid by the adoptive family.

What is the first step in my adoption plan?

Call the office of Arizona adoption attorney Kerry Moore, collect if necessary. Lynelle, a gentle, supportive woman who loves her involvement with adoption work, will speak with you and arrange to meet with you at a time and place convenient to you. We admire any pregnant woman who is brave enough to recognize that parenting may not be the right choice for her and who loves her child so much that she wants to plan a future and find a loving family for her child.


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