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If you are thinking ...

If you are thinking of placing your child for adoption, I would like you to read my story. Twenty-two years ago, my mother placed me for adoption. She was young, had recently broken up with the father of her children, and was already struggling as a single mother of two when she discovered she was pregnant again. She felt that she would not be able to provide me with as good of a home as I deserved, so she did an incredibly selfless thing: she decided to place me for adoption. In another state, a couple was trying to have a baby, but when they were not able to conceive, they filed for adoption. These two wonderful, loving people became my parents. I was their first child, and they have told me almost every day of my life how grateful they are that I came into their lives through adoption. If I could contact my Birthmother, it would just be to tell her about my life and let her know how happy I am and that she did an amazing thing by giving me to the parents who are loving me now. She gave me such a wonderful life, something she didn't think she could do by keeping me, and I will always be grateful to her. When I was four years old, my parents adopted a baby brother for me! Two years later, they adopted another baby brother for me. I love my parents and brothers so much, I can't imagine what my life would be like without them. Our family exists because three young mothers made the incredible selfless decision to give their babies a better life than they could provide. I just graduated from Stanford with a degree in psychology, and I am going to continue with graduate work in psychology in the fall. My education is just one of the many wonderful opportunities my parents have provided. Giving a child a good life and giving a family a child are the two greatest gifts you can ever give, and putting a child up for adoption does both of these.


– Samantha


All families are spe...

All families are special, mine is extra special. I was chosen to be in this family by being adopted into it by my two wonderful, loving parents. From the moment I was born they loved me. I have been given many opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to have. I go to an awesome school, and I'm supported by my family. I count myself extra lucky because I have two sets of parents. I have never met my Birthmother and father but I love them very much because they did the most selfless thing by putting me up and trying to make sure I had a better life. I also have parents now who have always been there and I love them very much as well. My entire life has been so very blessed because the love of all my parents. I have never met my birth parents, but I hope to someday to be able to thank them for the wonderful gift they gave to me, the gift of adoption.


– Bailey


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