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Attorney Thomas Underwood

Attorney Thomas Underwood

Having helped Birthmothers implement their adoption plan with Arizona Adoption Help over the past eight years, Attorney Thomas Underwood is well versed in the laws in Arizona surrounding adoption. He is a grounded and sensitive advocate for our birth moms. Thomas will legally represent you and protect your rights, making certain that your adoption plan proceeds exactly as you wish. He works with agencies and attorneys who represent certified prospective families and will help match you and your baby with the perfect family.


Kerry B. Moore

Attorney Kerry Moore (of counsel)

Attorney Kerry Moore (of counsel) founded Arizona Adoption Help 35 years ago and has helped almost two thousand women in Arizona plan the perfect adoption for their child. She is a mother herself and has great respect and admiration for any woman who places her baby's needs above her own and who chooses to create a family for the baby she loves.


Your Own Team

Vanessa loves adoption work


Vanessa was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. She moved to Arizona eight years ago and has three small (but loud) children. Vanessa loves adoption work because of all the amazing birth moms she gets to meet. As an adoption coordinator, she devotes herself to your adoption journey, recognizing that each birth mom is unique and envisions a different path for their child. She is always available to hear your story and give you all the support and understanding you need during this time.


Kim devotes herself to the well being of our birthmothers


While receiving her Masters in English Literature, Kim has helped birth mothers as an adoption coordinator through Arizona Adoption Help and says her heart lies with this work. She devotes herself to the well being and comfort of our birth mothers. By filling out paperwork, scheduling appointments, and facilitating your relationship with the adoptive family, she will be there for you every step of the way.


Your Own Counselor


Our certified counselor, Kris, is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Arizona for many years and has guided and helped birthmothers over the past fifteen years with Arizona Adoption Help. She has immense respect for the journey you are going through and is here to help you navigate through this intense and emotional time. An adoptive mother herself, Kris is an important member of our team and has extensive experience with the adoption process.


Your Own Adoption Plan

After meeting with our staff, we will advise you about the adoption process and the many choices you have along the way. Your adoption can be closed or open, or something in between, whichever feels best to you. We help over 60 women each year successfully place their babies for adoption with qualified, loving families. Our goal is to help you find the perfect family for your unborn child, explain the adoption process and plan for an adoption that best suits your particular needs, while protecting your rights.


We LOVE our work and are honored to be involved with our wonderful birthmothers during their adoption journey. We will work closely with you to provide the legal representation, financial aid, personal attention and moral support you need during and following your pregnancy.


If you find yourself in this position and need help, please contact us. We are available 24 hours a day to speak with you confidentially and help you in every way to have a positive experience. The law provides that all adoption services are absolutely FREE of charge to you and include:


  • Prenatal Medical Care
  • Hospital Care for Birthmother and Baby
  • Counseling
  • Living Expenses
  • Transportation
  • Legal Representation

Adoption Information:

We know that you may not find answers to all of your questions in our website and we welcome your call. Please contact Arizona Adoption Help for more information and assistance.


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